Welcome to Beeches 2017 season

We are now taking bookings for the 2017 camping season. Weather permitting we will be opening the site from Easter weekend at the end of March. If you are thinking of bringing a group, do please get in touch as we are expecting another busy season. Booking is advisable for everyone, especially for weekends and bank holidays. Please note: End of May Bank holiday weekend is now fully booked. Email beechesfarmcampsite@gmail.com or phone 07791540016.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Beeches 2017 season

  1. Jo

    Just spent a lovely weekend at Beeches Farm. The campsite was looking amazing, facilities really clean, and all fellow campers enjoying many camp fires.

    It was our baby boys 1st camping trip away and the friendliness of Beeches Farms made it even more special.

    Thanks to all team and we will see you soon

  2. Sarah

    Been waiting for the weather to break to come back again. Love this place. Hoping to spend many weekends here this year :D

  3. Angela Gray

    Hi. I am very interested in bringing my family camping at your site as you have campfire facilities. I seem tv having trouble accessing and navigating your website . Can you email your telephone number, prices and directions of how to find you please. Will need 3 pitches for tents .
    Hope to hear from you soon!


  4. Simon Lawrence

    Love the new website! Just booked up a second visit for myself for the bank holiday weekend. It’s been a couple of years since I last visited Beeches but I can’t wait to get out of the city and back into the tranquil fields.

    “Found” you (ie was reminded of you) as my option for this weekend by “Campsite Chatter” http://www.campsitechatter.com/ – a new thing I’m just starting to use, but you don’t have a description or anything on there. Dunno if you want to get in touch with them? I’ll be sure to leave a review + some visitor photos next week :)

  5. Bill McCarthy

    Spent the last 2 nights at Beeches Farm, you can really relax here, the facilities are spotless, I’m looking forward to returning here in the next couple of months for a longer period. Came back home today and the sunset is not the same :) I recommend this site, it makes life worth while when you look across the valley. Thank You :)

  6. Lukasz Bulawa

    What a great campsite! We had a fantastic weekend on Beeches Farm – great weather, great people , great views! Couldn’t recommend more…

    We’ll be coming back, in fact – next weekend:)

  7. Lucy E-B

    Hello there, we used to love coming to Beeches but we haven’t been for a couple of years because the site started getting pretty noisy at weekends with loud parties going on into the early hours, do you still have any late night noise complaints from campers?

    1. admin Post author

      Good morning Lucy, Beeches Farm campsite is still the same. We still implement the importance of natures time so as always all music and noise is stopped as of 10:30pm. As always we have to remind a few but thats the joy of going camping esp with school holidays. We want everyone to enjoy the lovely weather and each others company and our campsite as i am sure you do.
      We do hope you rethink and come camping soon at ours.
      Kind regards Admin.


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