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Our Ethos

Beeches Farm has been established for over 200 years.

In the late 1940’s Beeches was bought by the Cracknell Family.

Their dairy and poultry farm supported three families.

Mary Cracknell shared with the public the beautiful views from Beeches Farm, by opening the camp-site in the early 1950’s. The camp-site is situated on the top of Tidenham Chase overlooking the winding Valley of the River Wye.

Today the farm and business is owned and run by Dawn Cracknell. Although Beeches Farm is not a registered Organic Farm, Dawn believes in running it in the most natural and traditional way. Respect for the countryside and the environment are at the heart of her ethos.

The camp-site is run with the same values. We encourage recycling, harvest rainwater for the toilet system and use solar lights where possible.

It is a friendly, family site where people can relax and unwind and get in touch with nature.

The camp-site with its magnificent views and close access into the forest is still open to the public after all these years.

It has gone through different stages in its growth, some difficult and some more rewarding, however Beeches Farm Camp-site prides itself in maintaining its relaxing and happy atmosphere.

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